Emancipation of the retail investor

Nice to meet you! My name is Pim Verlaan, I don't have a financial background and I also didn't receive financial education at home. Yes, I did learn how to save money, but that's about it. But with all the good intentions of my parents, that isn't very relevant anymore today. Savings interest rates are historically low, which almost forces us to start investing.

For more than a century, the world economy has been growing, primarily due to wonderful innovation that makes our lives a little better every day. Unfortunately, a lot of wealth and knowledge is concentrated. I believe that everyone in this world should be able to "benefit" from this growth. Access, insights, and knowledge should be evenly distributed.

But if the financial world is known for anything, it's for being opaque. There is a lack of transparency that has pushed the industry forward for decades. By leaving the average person like you and me in the dark, it becomes easier to sell us products we don't know about and charge us fees we won't notice for years.

We are determined to do the opposite. You deserve to have complete control and insight into your personal investments. We admire the retail investor!

You deserve to know what your investments are doing, how much (transaction) fees you are paying, and what the return is on each individual investment. As a retail investor, you deserve to be equipped with the right tools for honest and responsible wealth building. After all, it's your hard-earned money.

With PDT, we are committed to making modern portfolio and dividend tracking software accessible to every retail investor. Reduce your dependence by combining multiple brokers into one portfolio. Take full control of your investments again.

Not hundreds of euros per month, but comparable to getting a beer downtown. We are there for every retail investor!

We work on and use our own software every day and continue to develop it so that it remains worthwhile for you to use!

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